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Return and Cancellation | MKS Pipe and Valve

MKS Pipe and Valve Return Material Policy

Return Policy

All returns are subject to the MKS Pipe & Valve return material policy. A return material authorization (RMA) number must be obtained prior to returning any material to MKS Pipe & Valve Company. Material eligible for return must have a purchase date no older than 1 year and be in resalable condition. Material being returned is subject to inspection and a minimum twenty five percent (25%) restocking fee. Non-stock/ special order material is non-returnable.

Discontinued or Damaged Materials

In the event that material returned is either discontinued or damaged, MKS will contact the customer who will have the option of taking the material back at their expense or MKS Pipe & Valve may charge a fee for destroying the items on site.

Time Frame for Returning Materials

Customers are given 60 days to return the product once an RMA has been created; After this time, the RMA will no longer be valid and may be refused or assessed a higher restock fee.

Return Stipulations

  • The package must contain the MKS Pipe & Valve generated return authorization document, and the outside of the packaging must indicate the RMA number.
  • The shipment must be sent prepaid by the customer.

The only exception to these return stipulations would be a return as a result of an MKS Pipe & Valve error. If this happens, MKS Pipe & Valve will arrange to have the product picked up or provide an appropriate UPS account number for small shipments.


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Returns Applicability

If the customer wants to return items totaling less than $25 NET, please consult Customer Service. Returning the materials may not be cost effective, and therefore the customer will be contacted to discuss further.

Return Material Authorization procedures (RMA)

  • Customer calls MKS Pipe & Valve Customer Service (888-665-2696) or emails csr@mkspvf.com to request return authorization. Customer will provide either their original PO number or the MKS order number that the product was purchased on.
  • MKS Pipe & Valve Customer Service gives instructions on returning the product, restocking fees and about issuing credit or a replacement if product is returned in resalable condition.
  • MKS Pipe & Valve then generates an RMA and sends to the customer to include with the shipment. NOTE: MKS Pipe & Valve will process requests within 3 working days. Any exception will be communicated to the customer.
  • The customer will then return the product prepaid to MKS Pipe & Valve to the address indicated on the RMA, with all of the proper paperwork, for inspection.
  • The RMA is received at the warehouse with paperwork.
  • Any discrepancies in the RMA should be noted and reported.
  • The returns administrator inspects the returned material and sends the RMA paperwork to MKS Accounting to issue credit.
  • If material returned is damaged, or not resalable, Customer Service will contact the customer to decide if the material should be returned to the customer at the customer's expense or scrapped. No credit will be issued for this material. Product not returned to the customer and without a disposition within 60 working days will be scrapped.

Note: All returns must be authorized prior to being sent back. Any returns received without authorization will be returned to customer freight collect.